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Personal assistants to make life easier for your employees.

People are the center of your organization, take care of it.

Greater hourly effectiveness

It will no longer be necessary to ask for half a day to go to the ITV, take the children to school or make personal arrangements.

More time

Employees will have more time at work and in their personal lives.

Cost savings

Increased quality of service and increased productivity that leads to cost savings.

Social Benefits

And also, possible advantages as benefits. 

Personal Assistants for everyone.

A service oriented to reconcile the personal and professional life of your employees, for less than what they cost 2 hours of their monthly work.
We have different modalities that adapt to the needs of your company:

Membership Subscription Plans

Custom Service Packs

Explain me how it works...

Technology and people at your disposal.

Efficiency and immediacy:

95% of users are served in less than 30 seconds.

Time saving:

For each requested service we save at least 1 hour of your time.

Satisfaction with service:

Users have left an average rating of 4,5 stars out of 5 for this program.

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