Plumbers in Barcelona

We seek and coordinate plumbing services in Barcelona

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Your house, with professionals.

We seek and coordinate plumbing services in Barcelona.

We solve all your plumbing problems.

Do you have a broken pipe? Has your washing machine started to lose water? Does the air conditioner have a broken gasket? In the event of any plumbing problem you have, we help you to find plumbers and professionals of trust in Barcelona and coordinate these services with them, so that you do not have to worry about anything.

Even with emergency services 24 hours. We are here to make life easier for you.

How we do it?

Talk to your personal assistant from the app and ask for everything you need. Our team of personal assistants will manage the service and coordinate with trusted professionals so you do not have to worry about anything.

Because we know you do not have the time and you deserve it, we take care of you.

Chat with my personal assistant

What does the service include?

Understand your needs

Talk to your personal assistant and explain exactly what you need.

Send you a plumber

Manage the service and send you a professional wherever and whenever you want.

Look for a professional

We look for the best professionals in Barcelona, near you. 

We can also help you with...

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Find a recurring cleaning service

If you need a little help to keep your home clean at all times, we can help you find qualified home cleaning professionals.

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Your clothes always clean

Find, book and manage a laundry service on time or regular basis. When and where you want, even if you are traveling.

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Find a nanny for your children

Do you need to go out to dinner tonight? Or do you have a business trip this weekend? We look  and coordinate nanny services for your children with trusted professionals.

Our personal assitants team will help you with everything 

Download the app and start to delegate everything you need.