Nannies in Barcelona

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Your children, in the best hands.

We manage professional nanny services in Barcelona, for you.

Nannies in Barcelona 

Dinners,long work hours or just unexpected situations...You never know when you are going to need a last minute nanny. Dont let your children with someone you dont really trust, if you want we look, send and manage nanny services in Barcelona for you. 

Or if you prefer we look a native nanny to improve your children languages. Whatever you prefer, we just want to make your life easier. 

How we do it?

Chat with your personal assistant through the app and ask everything you need. Our personal assistants team will manage the service and will coordinate all the reliable professionals so you dont have to worry about anything. 

Because we know you dont have time and you deserve it, we deal with it. 

Chat with my personal assistant

¿What does the service include?

Understand your needs 

Speak with your personal assitant and explain excatly what are your needs. 

Send you a nanny

We will coordinate the service and send you a reliable nanny anywhere and anytime you need. 

Look for a professional 

We find the best professionals considering your needs. 

We can also help you with...
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Look for a takecarer

If you dont have time to take care of the ones you love, let your personal assistant look and send you a professional takecarer for your parents. 

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Purchase best fare plane tickets

If you need to travel this weekend or you are planning your next holidays, ask your personal assistant to purchase the plane tickets at the best fare. We will send you the boarding pass and you are ready to go! 

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Pass the ITV (MOT) for you. 

We will send you a private driver to pick up your car or motorcycle, pass the ITV and return your vehicle whatever and wherever your need. You choice. 

Our personal assitants team will help you with everything 

Download the app and start to delegate everything you need.