Dog caretakers in Barcelona

We look for a professional dog caretaker in Barcelona.

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Professionals for your dog.

We look and send professional dog caretakers in Barcelona, whenever and wherever you want.

Let us take care of your dog, looking for a good dog caretaker. 

Are you traveling this weekend Do not leave your dog with someone you dont trust. From looking and sending you a good dog caretaker for this weekend while you are traveling, send you a veterinarian at home urgently or even look for a good recurring service with a good dog trainer in Barcelona.

Ask for everything you need. We will help you with everything to make your life a little easier. Personal assistants for everyone.​

How do we do it?

Talk to your personal assistant from the app and ask for everything you need for your dog or pets. Our team of personal assistants will manage the service and coordinate with trusted professionals so you do not have to worry about anything.

Because we know you do not have the time and you deserve it, we take care of you.

Chat with my Personal Assistant

What does the service include?

Understand your needs.

Talk to your assistant about the app and explain exactly what kind of services you need.

Sending a caregiver at home.

Send you a trusted caretaker, when and where you need it.

Look for a professional

We look for caretakers close to you that fit your needs and budget.

We can also help you with...

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Find you a dog trainer

If your dog is very active, behaves badly at home or just wants you not to bark or break things at home, we can send you a professional to help you treat your case.

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Find good dog walkers

If you do not have time in the morning or in the evenings to take your dog for a walk, we can find you walkers near you, so that they can take care of it. Either on time or on a regular basis. As you prefer.

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Send you a plumber at home

Broken pipe? Sink stuck? And you have to go to work or take the kids to school. Let your personal assistant take care of finding a plumber and send it to your home, at any time you prefer.

Our team of personal assistants, can help you with everything.

Download the app and start to delegate everything you need.