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We sort out any arrangements in the DGT

Carlota Vilalta

We sort out everything in the DGT 

We look and send you trusted professionals to sort out any type of arrangements in the DGT for you. 

Change your car or motorcycle title holder

¿Do you need we manage a change vehicle title holder, sort out a fine, pick up your driving license or manage a special driving authorization?  We look and coordinate these services with professionals that will sort out  everything  in the DGT. 

Sorting out papers in the DGT was never so easy. 

How we do it?

Speak with your personal assistant through the app and ask everything you need. Our personal assistants team will manage and coordinate the service with reliable professionals so you dont have to worry about anything. We solve all type of arrangements with the DGT, while you are working or at the gym. 

Because we know you dont have time and you deserve it, we deal with it. 


Chat with my personal assistant

¿ What does the service include? 

1.Understand your needs 

Chat with your personal assistant and explain all your needs. 

3. Send you a professional

We will send you a professional considering your needs to sort out your arrangements in the DGT. 

2. We look for a professional 

We find a reliable professional who will do the service for you. 

We can also help you with ...

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Pass the ITV (MOT) 

We will send a private driver to pick you up your car or motorcycle, go to pass the ITV of your vehicle and return it wherever and whenever you want. It's up to you.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Take your car or bike to the garage

Any type of repair that your car or motorcycle needs. We deal with managing everything from picking it up, fixing it and returning it to your home or office.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Find you a private driver. 

Do you need a private chauffeur or taxi to pick you up at the airport or to move around the city? We will send you some of our trusted private chauffeurs.

Our team of personal assistants, can help you with everything.

Download the app and start to delegate everything you need.